Using Case Studies to Get New Business

Case studies are a great way to illustrate how your product or services have helped clients solve specific problems or meet particular needs. Case studies are especially effective for persuading buyers who are on the fence about purchasing or those clients who may need examples of your product in the wild.

Chances are that many of your clients or buyers share certain similarities. Developing case studies around each of your major client type will give you a powerful arsenal of tools to persuade new clients to buy. If you’re branching out in a new direction, a case study can show your ability to deliver.

Some of these big name companies use case studies as part of their marketing strategies.

Case studies can be thought of as in-depth testimonials from clients who are really happy with your product or service.  They are usually made up of several sections:

  • Overview of the client’s business;
  • Description of the problem or need;
  • Explanation of how your product or service was a good fit for their needs;
  • Results of their successful implementation;
  • Tasty quotes describing their experience while purchasing as well as any obstacles they overcame (price, ususally);

Writing a case study involves interviewing an existing

As it happens, case studies are one of my specialties. If you’re interested in adding some cases to your website or presentation package, contact me with your ideas and we’ll work together on a strategy.

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